Furnace or Boiler not working!

If you are having trouble with you heating system please check these simple things before setting up a service appointment.

  1. Check thermostat settings

    Ensure that thermostat is set to the desired settings. Believe it or not, It happens many times Heating system don't turn on because temperature in thermostat is set to low. Always double check the thermostat settings to make sure it is set properly.

  2. Make sure if your thermostat operate on batteries then it's batteries are not dead.

    Most thermostats don't need power to operate. However, some new thermostats use batteries instead. Find out if your thermostat need battery. If your thermostat uses batteries then check for a low-battery indicator (Usually it flashes if battery needs to be changed).

  3. Check circuit breaker for your furnace or boiler

    Check your home's breaker panel. Look for the breaker which controls your heating system. Check if it's tripped to OFF position. In most cases it is not labeled properly, if your's is not labeled properly then check all the breakers and if you find on tripped flip it ON and than check your furnace or boiler.

  4. Check furnace or boiler on\off switch

    Keep in mind that heating system normally have another switch which usually is called Furnace switch or Boiler switch. Which is used to turn off heating system while doing maintaince or service. This switch resembles typical light switch and often not labled properly. Make sure it's turned on.

  5. Check pilot light

    If it's an older gas furnace or boiler check to make sure the pilot light is lit. Since most new furnaces and boilers have electronic ignition system this will not be a concern but there are still old gas furnaces or boilers used that have pilot lights.

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